Olympian 2000

Olympian 2000

This is a specialized Orthopedic Table. The special 4 support pillar construction makes the table wobble free & highly stable during heavy nailing procedures. The absence of a central hindering pillar gives excellent imaging area in the centre of the table for all spinal procedures.

It has an excellent Fracture Attachment design with a variable position perennial post, which gives Hip Lateral View in one single shot. It can be extended outwards, swivelled side ways and then can be locked at the desired position for C-arm Imaging.

A very wide variety of attachments to make all types of Orthopedic & trauma surgeries very convenient for the surgeons, giving greater precision & saving procedure time too!

A must have table for all dedicated orthopaedic theatres

Femur in Letral Position
Tibia Nailing Ap View
Arm Surgery
Extended Arm Surgery
Raised Arm Attachment
Shoulder Surgery Attachment Arthoscopy
Knee Aurthoscopy Attachment
Total Knee Stabilizer
Urology Genaral Surgery
Olympian 2000 Long Table
Mayfield Clamp
Knee Chest Position For Spine
Laminectromy Frame For Spine
Relton Frame For Spine
Cervical Spine
Hip Lateral View
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