Obesomatic 3S / 4S

Obesomatic 3S / 4S

Obesomatic is a specialized bariatric surgery operation table which is designed and manufactured for Bariatric procedures, and has all world class features and automation to make surgeries more precise, convenient & time saving.

Obesomatic bariatric surgery OT table (350 Kgs) has the features like:

  • Extra low height of 25" compared to standard height of 32" !!
  • Steep Reverse Trendelenberg tilt for near sit up position.
  • Specialized attachments for easy bariatric positioning.
  • Table top slide with remote control
  • Zero Auto Leveling
  • Dual Control Console
  • Non Hydraulic leak proof maintenance free construction.
  • Affordable Indian prices.

It has a specially designed tilting buttock support attachment which can be tilted & locked at any desired position for ease of surgery. A patient sit up V position can be achieved.

It has a special Tilting, swiveling, turning & telescopic lithotomy leg holder set wherein you can have normal lithotomy position with a brake & lock arrangement, so that leg position can be easily maneuvered single handedly without its falling down. Patient legs can also be spread out horizontally, giving you wide & easy access between the legs. Legs can also be tilted up & down as desired or extended out as per requirement.

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